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How to use Vitamio with your own FFmpeg build


The Vitamio 3.0 is built with Android NDK r8b, so it's recommended to use NDK r8b to build your custom FFmpeg. According to developers feedback, there're many issues and crashes if other NDK revisions used.

Build FFmpeg 

At first clone FFmpeg-Android library from our GitHub Then tweak the to fit your own need.

The most common scenarios are that you want to compile several certain modules of FFmpeg in your app, without any other masses. In this situation, all you need to do is to modify the FFMPEG_FLAGS in the shell script. All the available parameters are well documented in FFmpeg's configure script configure --help.

In rare cases, if you want to patch FFmpeg, you need more work, I just think you may have all the knowledges to do that. Indeed, you just need to understand the or craft your own build script.

At last, run in bash. It's a bash script which may work in zsh too.


Find the file res/raw/ in VitamioBundle

=> file res/raw/ 
res/raw/ 7-zip archive data, version 0.3

Yes, you find the magic, it's a 7-zip file, so unzip it in anyway and replace each with your own builds.

60 <=> armv6
61 <=> vfp
70 <=> armv7
71 <=> neon

Finally archive all data to again.

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