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Vitamio feautes not support

Here are all the features that Vitamio doesn't support or support not well.
  • Doesn't support CPU processor below ARMv6 (support ARMv6+, the problem that videos cann't be played is caused by this reason, please note the version of device simulator should be above 4.0).
  • Doesn't support encrypted videos (such as DRM), embeded m3u8 (if in m3u8 including video links cann't be played, then vitamio will stop playing video, not skip).
  • Doesn't support getting Audio SessionId function.
  • Doesn't support video thumbnail screenshot (but support screenshot with video which is playing, function name: getCurrentFrame).
  • Doesn't support setSurface method.
  • Can set subtitle (subPath) and the subtitle file must be in local.
  • Hardware decoder isn't perfect, suggest users to switch decoder manually (the mainstream player such as VPlayer, MX player work as the same way).
  • Doesn't support HuaWei s8600 and a few other type phones, the issue is that the unlocker package cann't be decompressed (retain in the decompression interface).
  • Doesn't support shielding info output from Logcat (info from so, can be shielded by application layer).
  • Doesn't support customized network protocols (you need to modify our public FFmpeg code, adding proper libavformat module, the way is the same with encrypting and handling data in memory, or by agent transforming protocol).
  • Cann't play two videos at the same time.
  • If including one frame video in a mp3 file, then it will be processed as a video file, Vitamio will stop playing immediately played the one frame video. (Firstly Vitamio checks if a file contaning videos, if have one video (big than zero frame), then the file will be thought as video to process, not audio).
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