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Vitamio errors

Errors Vitamio not working 

Error loading libs
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Library … not found


java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Couldn't load vinit: findLibrary returned null 
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: unloadOMX_native
Native libs not exists!

Usually these kinds of errors were caused for the following several reasons:

  1. Vitamio only supports ARMv6 and up, if you meet above errors, that is because Vitamio does not support your device. (Note that Android simulator version must be 4.0 and up.)

  2. Not call the code used to check decoding package (that is, not decompress decoding package, and Vitamio will automatically decompress the proper library in terms of the current cpu type), the usage, please refer to DEMO:

    // ~~~ check if Vitamio decompresses decoding package
    if (!LibsChecker.checkVitamioLibs(this, R.string.init_decoders))
  3. Not use Vitamio as the library way, not copy the library or code in the VitamioBundle, such as, and so on.

  4. A very few devices are not supported, such as HuaWei S8600、SUMSUNG GT-S5830 (though their cpu are ARMv6+)

Errors videos not played 

avformat_open_input: I/O error


  1. Make sure videos without problem. Firstly use VLC, the video player shipped with system or PC video player to confirm those videos can be played.

  2. Make sure the called methods are normal. Firstly use the demo on official website to check a normal link, then only change the stream address to test without changing other code.

  3. Make sure the test environments are consistent. For example using PC with network available and mobile without network, the two environment are definitely different.

  4. If the three conditions above are all satisfied, lastly use vplayer to test the video stream, if vplayer can play the video, so does Vitamio, if not, Vitamio can't support the video stream and there is no exception! No content provider 

It is a normal handling method not a bug. Currently Vitamio playing videos by this way: firstly take a video URL as a ContentProvider to open, if not opened, then directly open it as URL.

java.lang.SecurityException:Not allowed to bind to service Intent … VitamioService 

If you installed VPlayer and old Vitamio version (before 3.0) on your mobile, then may meet this error. You could think it caused by confliction, so the class VitamioService and related class MediaScannerService will not be used in Vitamio (after 3.0).

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: io.vov.vitamio.R$raw 

Vitamio 3.0 was used in Android Library way by default, and use io.vov.vitamio.R to reference raw. If you don't use this method, just copy and merge simply, you would meet this error. For upgrading Vitamio conveniently, we suggest you using Android Library way. If insisting the copy and merge method, you can create a new package named io.vov.vitamio and a new class R in the current project to achieve your purpose:

package io.vov.vitamio;

public class R {
    public static final class raw {
        public static final int libarm = com.nmbb.oplayer.R.raw.libarm;
        public static final int pub =;


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