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Vitamio FAQ

Why is it called Vitamio? 

You may think it a variation of vitamin. Vitamio is created to be as important to developers as vitamio to organism.

What's the relationship between Vitamio and VPlayer? 

Vitamio comes from VPlayer(, The Vitamio's play performance as same as VPlayer's.

Which type of CPUs supported by Vitamio? 

Vitamio supports two kinds of ARM CPU: ARMv6 and ARMv7.
We optimized such instruction sets as VFP, VFPv3, NEON.

Which Android's version supported by Vitamio? 

Vitamio supports Android 2.1+ and more than 95% Android system. The system version under Android 2.1 is basic supported by Vitamio, but we don't have enough detail testing.

E/Vitamio(1557): No content provider 

This is not error, It 's a normal processing.
The method of Vitamio plays video is: Vitamio regard url as a “contentProvider” first, then will open it. If it can't be opened, Vitamio will be open it as url directly.

Why the pop dialog require to install Vitamio Plugin? 

Because you download and use the older Vitamio version, The latest version is here .

Video / video stream (rtp, rtsp, etc.) can not be played! 


  1. The video itself has a problem, please use other video players to play it make sure the video is ok.
  2. The Local network speed is too slow or your device hardware is too low. It can'be helped
  3. The loading of video source is slow, the bandwith of video source is not enough. You can access the source video directly.If it slow, too. Vitamio can'be helped.
  4. Contains m3u8.
  5. The video/ video stream is encrypted.
  6. VPlayer has the same problem with Vitamio,but the other video player can play influently, It may be our problem, we will be improved.

Please use VPlayer and the other video player test the problem video first,make sure to exclude the external factor.

How to call VPlayer to play video? 

private void startPlayer(String url, String title, String subPath, boolean subShown) {
    Intent i = new Intent();
    i.setComponent(new ComponentName("me.abitno.vplayer.t", "me.abitno.vplayer.VideoActivity"));
    i.putExtra("displayName", title);
    // optional shown subtitle
    i.putExtra("subPath", subPath);
    i.putExtra("subShown", subShown); 


How to ignore Vitamio libraries from proguard? 

-keep class io.vov.utils.** { *; }
-keep class io.vov.vitamio.** { *; }


When I drag the seekBar, Why the progress bar is inaccurate? 

It's all right, this isn't Vitamio's bug, because you must drag the seekBar to the key frame, But the key frame is not always on every timestamp, except you use the intra-only encoding.

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